Ever since the day Xsolz has been founded, we have yearned to better ourselves. With time we have learnt a great many things. We have learnt that excellence is not a skill, rather it is a habit. We have acquired the habit of delivering high quality websites to our clients.

For us each day comes with new opportunities. Each day is a gift that we give to ourselves and try to improve our skill by learning. By using our online marketing strategies, we have helped our clients to acquire high rank in search engine and surpass their competition.

Why People Fail – Learn and Never Fail Again

Category: Management

By Blogger | September 16, 2014

Failure is an unavoidable part of our lives. Failure happens and will happen. However, there are those who get back even after failures. And there are those who spend their lives blaming everyone including God for every failure. But, they do nothing to alter the situation of their lives. Why this difference? Why some succeed…

Web Writing and Print Writing – What’s the Difference

Category: Internet Marketing

By Blogger | September 12, 2014

If you are a writer and want to make a career in writing, you must have explored different study materials. One common statement you will find is that the web writing differs from print writing. They are not the same. Why they are not the same? What are the difference between web writing and print…

Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

Category: Digital Marketing

By Blogger | September 12, 2014

Everyone around the world is using digital marketing to promote their brands. However, the question here is how to get better result. To get better result, you need a strategy which works. It is essential. Without planning nothing happens. And to succeed you need to have a plan. Setting a goal is the first st…

Getting an Able Graphic Designer – Tips for Every Entrepreneur

Category: Graphic Designing

By Blogger | September 10, 2014

Are you planning to set up a new company? Getting into branding? Or, are you simply opting for an image makeover for your company? A new logo will help your image makeover. Logo or graphic illustrations are inseparable parts of branding. When you are creating a brand, you require something which will remain in t…

To Succeed in Business You Must Have These Traits

Category: Digital Marketing

By Blogger | September 10, 2014

Many dream of owning their own business. It is not only fun, it is thrilling too. However, before you set out to get started with your own business, you should know the common character traits of the most successful entrepreneurs. Don’t freak out if you see some of the traits are missing. With time and…

SEO is Important – Here is Why

Category: Internet Marketing

By Blogger | September 9, 2014

In this age everyone has heard of search engine optimization. If you have a business, optimizing your website in search engine will immensely benefit you. However, it is important that you hire someone experienced to optimize your website. Why SEO is important? This is the question everyone is asking. They all want to know why…

Tips to Become a Successful Web Designer

Category: Web design

By Blogger | September 9, 2014

Web designers often express concern about their skills. It is an ever changing world out there. To acquire success, you need to have more than just the tools. There are important things that the web designers of this generation should be equipped with. It might seem so, but the job of web designing is not…

Business Plan – Why You Must Have One

Category: Digital Marketing

By Blogger | September 8, 2014

So, it is decided that you will set your own business, huh? Pretty cool decision and you should be proud of yourself for making it. However, don’t go overboard with over planning and miss out the most important part of a business. It is writing a business plan. Many aspiring business owners do not consider…

How to Find the Right Name for Your Business?

Category: Blogpost

By Blogger | August 20, 2014

Even though Shakespeare did not believe in names, you need to find the right name for your business. The right name can render the desired fame upon your business. The wrong name, however, can lead to a wrong impression and eventually failure. Therefore, don’t take naming your business lightly. Invest time in finding the right…

What to Ask While Hiring a Web Development Company

Category: Web Development

By Blogger | August 14, 2014

A web development company can work as your business partner. A website that the web development company designs will play an important role in your business. Whether it is a brand new website you are getting developed or an old one you are redesigning, you need to seek professional help. Deciding which company to hir…