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How to Find the Right Name for Your Business?

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By Blogger | August 20, 2014

Even though Shakespeare did not believe in names, you need to find the right name for your business. The right name can render the desired fame upon your business. The wrong name, however, can lead to a wrong impression and eventually failure. Therefore, don’t take naming your business lightly. Invest time in finding the right name.

Some business owners go by abstract business names. They believe the abstract names are like white canvas. In this canvas you can draw anything. The other group argues that the name must provide something, a piece of information or just a hint of the business.

A name, any can play an effective role, if the marketing strategy is effective. However, you should know the tricks to find the name which will remain in the minds of the people. So, how will you make this happen? How will you find the name which will define your business and also be a lingering memory?

This post might help you with the task. The name of your company should express – expertise. It is not a difficult task which will require days of your time. All you need is time to research different names. Also, you need to ask yourself some important questions about your business and the message you want to give out.

What Does it Mean to You

This is an important question. It is your business and you need to decide how to present it to the people. What do you want people to know about your business? How do you want the name to interact with people?

The name should mean something to the people. It should touch them and make them think or feel. Experts who have made a career out of naming businesses claim that people react to words that evoke emotion. Think about it. Which word makes you think? Which word makes you sad? What combination of words exhilarates you?

Don’t Restrict Yourself

When searching for a business name, always keep in mind the matter of expansion. If you are residing in Fort Lauderdale and you call your business FL Car Wash Service, the name will lose meaning in Memphis. Therefore, always think about the future when brainstorming a name. Stick to a descriptive name with universal appeal. Such a name will inspire people of every country and people of all ages.

Get Creative – Not with the Spelling though

It is important to be unique. Why restrict yourself to English word only? Why not find a word in other language? Get creative and explore. This is fun. But, never try to be cute with the spelling. Don’t make the clients think twice before Googling the name of your business. This will make researching difficult. Therefore, take lesson from Nike and find a small name which is easy to spell.

Pronunciation – A Matter of Concern

Have you ever read a novel which is loaded with unusual names that are difficult to pronounce? What do you do when faced with such a name? You skip it and continue with the story. Right? Most of us do it anyways. Don’t take the risk of the same happening to your business. Don’t find a name that is difficult to pronounce. People will have a tough time remembering your business.

Say it Aloud

Searching for names can be easy. Try Google translator. You will come up with thousands of options. Make a list of names that appeal to you. Later you need to read these names – aloud. How do they sound to your ears? Do you feel good about the names? Which one makes you feel motivated? Does the name make any sense?

This is the best way to test the names. You will eventually come up with the right name which will impress people and become the name of the town.

Check Availability

Of course finding a business name requires some stages. One of the stages is checking for the availability. Is the name available? You cannot afford to name your business with a word that is already registered. Therefore, make it a point to check the availability.