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Web Writing and Print Writing – What’s the Difference

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By Blogger | September 12, 2014

If you are a writer and want to make a career in writing, you must have explored different study materials. One common statement you will find is that the web writing differs from print writing. They are not the same. Why they are not the same? What are the difference between web writing and print writing? Let’s just have a brief discussion.

Print Writing and Web Writing Face Off

Print writing has been around for a long time. This type of writing allows the writers to dwell on the lengthy introduction and slow narrative. The writers have the luxury to write long contents. In addition, if you pick up a magazine, you will find that the contents are hardly interactive.

On the other hand, web writing has just begun to gain fame. And with time web writing has come up with a certain mold or style. Web writers don’t have the luxury of indulging into lengthy prose. They don’t have the chance to get into a slow narrative. Web writer is fast and quick. You get to the point and you get it over with. This is the bottom line. Moreover, web writers are interactive. You will feel that the writer is sitting in the room and talking to you. This is the most unique aspect of writing for web.

Print writing encourages introduction. Even in news papers, you will get to read an introductory paragraph. This is like setting the mood for the news. It is imperative. At the end of the article you get a well written conclusion. This is the format for print writing.

However, when it comes to web writing, conclusion comes at the beginning of the article. In other words, you write the most important point first. Or, else the readers will leave you. As a writer, you don’t have much time to grab their attention.

Long paragraphs and sentences are not frowned upon when it comes to print writing. In fact, some of the writers have gained fame for their elaborated writing skill.

Web writers don’t have such luxuries. The foundation of web writing is short paragraphs and sentences. Three line paragraphs are normal for any web article. You should have the awareness that you need to have a different approach towards writing when you are writing for web. It is important that you make your writing concise. What you need to understand here is that people don’t read everything a web writer is writing. They scan the write ups. They are lazy readers and you need to write for them.

Breaking into publication is difficult in print writing. Even if you are outstanding at what you write, you will still struggle to get published. Of course, with the rise of self publishing this struggle is slowly coming to an end.

It is easy to get published in web. You have got something to say, you create a blog and get your write up published. No one will scan your writing, no one will reject it. However, to increase visitors, you need to work hard and write continuously.

Lastly, be it print writing or web writing, you need to be a good writer. You need to improve your skill and make effort to better yourself every day. if you want regular visitors, you need to have the willingness to learn something new every day.