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What to Ask While Hiring a Web Development Company

Category: Web Development

By Blogger | August 14, 2014

A web development company can work as your business partner. A website that the web development company designs will play an important role in your business. Whether it is a brand new website you are getting developed or an old one you are redesigning, you need to seek professional help.

Deciding which company to hire is an important task. You need to hire the right web development company to get your website developed. This task can be trying. There are millions of website development companies exist across the world. You need to explore the options and find the one team which can create your desired website.

Finding contact details of the development companies is not a difficult task. You can get the details from the online resources. Once you have short list a few companies, you need to get further information to make the right decision.

Hiring a web designing company needs time and effort. You need to conduct an elaborated interview before you sign the contract paper.

Few Important Questions to Ask

What is your requirement? The first step is always determining your own need. It is important to know how you want to use your website. Do you want it to be a tool to market your business? Or, do you want a platform to sale your product?

Investing some time to come to a decision is important. When you know the purpose of your website, you will be able to hire the development company with ease. You will be able to narrow down your search based on your requirement.

What type of service your company provides? This may seem obvious. A web development company provides web development service. However, some development companies provide many other services like hosting, ecommerce, digital marketing and even PPC management. Some assume that these services are related. Yet, these services are very different from each other.

There is another important fact which you need to find out. What the company you are about to hire is good at? Do they specialize in web development? Are they famous for digital marketing? It can be convenient to allow one company handle all the requirements. However, convenience does not always pay off. Sometimes you need to hire different service providers for different tasks.

What type of client base do they have? This question may seem irrelevant. However, this question is very important. Looking at the client list of the company, you will get to understand whether the company is familiar with your industry type. Different industry has got different requirements and therefore, you need to hire someone who knows your industry type.

Do they provide Custom made website? Most of the web design companies out there provide both custom made templates and pre-made templates. Some business owners look for unique website to promote their brand. For this type of business custom made websites are required. Some of the businesses don’t depend on online marketing. For these businesses pre-made templates are more useful than the custom made ones.

How they plan to deal with the matter of back up and online security? The matter of security and back up both are important. You need to ask the web development company about their plan to secure your data from getting exposed. This is important and you should not ignore this or you may regret later.

Will they provide some sample websites? You should not hesitate to ask for a sample of their work. As you look at the design of the sample websites, you will be able to assess their talent and capability. Look at the site critically. Do you like what you see? Does the site load without trouble? Is the design of the website modern enough? In case of any doubt make sure ask questions.

How large is the team? If you are serious about hiring a company to develop your website, you need to know how many people will be assigned for your project. In addition, you need to ask how many employees work for the company. Can they handle the project? Do they have the required expertise to fulfill your requirement?

If the company is too small, you may worry about their credibility. However, in case the company is too large, you many become a part of many projects. In other word, they may not pay much attention to your requirements. To avoid these, you need to find a company which is famous for treating all their clients equally.

Do they have case studies? Remember that a website is not just a way of having online presence. It is not about having an attractive website either. It is all about getting return on your investment. It is about getting your website deliver business result.

Do they have a strategy which will help in delivering revenue? The company you hire to build your website must have a workable strategy for your website, so that you get to earn revenue. You have the right to ask for some strategies they have incorporated earlier to generate revenue.

What are their ways of pricing their service? Before you hire their service ask about the people who will be working on your project. How many man-hours will they spend working on your project? Do they have a proper billing process?

How they plan to manage your website? Developing a website includes several processes. While discussing about your website, you should inquire whether the company will hire a manager to look after your project. Also, make sure to ask them how you will receive the report of work update.

Can they give an approximate time limit for project completion? It is a good idea to ask for a deadline. The time taken depends on your requirements. However, always ask for an approximate time. Also, ask them what happens if they fail to meet the deadline.

Will they change the website if you don’t like its’ design? It is possible not to like the initial design of the website. Will make some effort to change the design? Before getting into any professional contract, you should discuss the terms and conditions of the company.

What are the documents they require from you to start working? The web developers will need layouts or texts from your side to develop the website. It is your responsibility to inquire about the requirement.

Will they create a logo for your business? Some web developers create a logo while developing a website. However, you should not accept the service, just because it is available. Make sure to ask about their experience in logo designing. You can ask to view some sample logos. Focus on graphic appeal of logo.

Will they outsource any work? This is an important fact and you need to know about this prior signing the contract. Many web development companies outsource some works. In case, the web developers have plans to outsource some of the works, you need to inquire about the credibility of the contractors.

Can your website be accessed from smartphones? In this age, it is very important to build a website which is compatible with smartphones. Determine whether your website will be compatible with different devices.

Can you view the website during the building process? Good web development companies will make the in-progress project available for the clients. They will ask for the feedback and make required changes. Inquire whether you will be able to see your website during the building process.