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Why People Fail – Learn and Never Fail Again

Category: Management

By Blogger | September 16, 2014

Failure is an unavoidable part of our lives. Failure happens and will happen. However, there are those who get back even after failures. And there are those who spend their lives blaming everyone including God for every failure. But, they do nothing to alter the situation of their lives.

Why this difference? Why some succeed into getting back and the other fail?

There are numerous reasons why this happen. To avoid the pitfall, you need to know why people fail or rather why people cling to failure. Don’t allow yourself fall victim of these reasons.

People with a dream to become big are not normal. They are the weird ones who dream the dream. Don’t you believe it? Fine, just ask around see how many want to buy a Lamborghini. They think the car is beyond reach. Now, tell them you want to buy one someday. What will be their reaction? Exactly, some of them will laugh at you and some will simply ignore you. To succeed, you must have the heart to be the weird one, the arrogant one, the self centered one and everything this society calls you. People who are not comfortable being different usually are the ones who fail.

Jack London was rejected more than hundred times in his life. Yet, he succeeded. Do you know why? Yes, of course because he was talented. But, he succeeded mainly because he was persistent. He kept trying despite failures. He did not give up because of rejections. If you want to succeed in your life, you need to have this mental strength. You need to keep moving despite failure.

Successful people make it a point to learn continuously. They succeed because they like to explore things. You should have the urge to know more too. More than often you will come across people who have achieved little success, yet they think that they have become experts on the subject. The day you stop learning is the day you will truly fail. Therefore, stay hungry, stay foolish all your life.

Professional field is a chain. Success depends on networking. Many fail to build contact and network. It is one of the reasons why talent goes unnoticed. It is one of the reasons why people fail to utilize opportunities. If you are not building your professional network, you are pushing yourself towards failure. Don’t do it. Use your contacts.

Debate is healthy. It can be good to exchange ideas and even make argue about what’s right. However, it is important to listen before arguing when someone is providing advice. In fact, it is important to solicit advices from experienced people. When you hear criticism you will understand where you are lacking.

Taking critics too seriously is another mistake. Yes, it is important to listen to criticisms. But, you should know whose criticism is important enough to act on it. Criticisms are harsh. Yet, it should not be insulting. There are people who have given up on their dreams because of criticism. Don’t make this mistake.

Distraction can be dangerous. There are millions of distractions scattered everywhere. These come in the form of social media sites, television shows and now the latest smartphones. People spend time on social media. They don’t spend enough time improving themselves. If nothing is working, they will be perched on a couch and watch yet another talk show than doing something valuable. Distraction is a fatal reason why people fail to achieve their dreams.

Lastly, most who start with vigor fail because they don’t believe. They don’t think they can really do it. They like to talk about it and wish that it happens to them too. But, they are simply not ready to work hard to achieve it. Belief is not magical power, my friends. It is just the fuel which gets you going. There is no short cut or magic formula which can propel you forward to your goal. You need to work for it and you need to work hard.

Next time, I will be back with a post about why people win. Till then, follow your dream and do whatever you can to achieve it.