Out of the box thinking is the only way we do our work. We have spent years learning about the rules. Now, it is time to break them and create some of our own. It is due to this approach, we have succeeded into designing unique websites all the time. We focus on the right way of expressing a business and end up delivering websites that remain into the minds of the browsers.

Web Designs

Your website is your front face. Web browsers will go through your website and will create a perception of their own about your business and your services. A sloppy website can cost you a great deal. It is due to this reason you need an attractive professional website. It works like bio data for your business. You need to remember that your potential clients don’t know you. They don’t know about your capability or ability to execute a project. Therefore, give them something that will hook their interest.

Our team will help you build your brand using your website. We will help you communicate with your potential clients and get more business.

Custom Website – A custom website is more than casually assembled images and contents. The custom website is the thread that ties you with your potential clients. Between the pages of a website is hidden the information that will educate people about your business and your vision. Each page of a website works to build your organizational goal.

web design

Some Of Our Projects


Illustration often plays a big role that determines the success of a banner or advertisement. A drawing when well illustrated can express a lot more than words. Such drawings can explain perceptions that are difficult to understand. We have a team of experienced artists who can draw your ideas on paper and turn them into realities. Here in Xsolz we use the most up-to-date illustration software which makes customizing illustration easy. Our team is accustomed to working under tight deadline and they can deliver quality work in short time.

Before beginning the work, we invest time in researching and reviewing client’s industry. It helps us express your message in better way. Once we are satisfied with the ideas, then only we begin sketching them on paper. During the process of sketching, we continue assessing different shades and find the right color combination for the illustration.

After illustrating the drawing, we review it for any error. Once we are satisfied that the drawing has succeeded in portraying the right message, we submit the work to our clients.


Some Of Our Projects


An infographic is a neat way of presenting a clear picture. Yet, without right concept and proper training the infographics may fail to generate the interest of the potential clients. Using infographic, you can promote your business and create a brand. It, however, takes an artist to design such an infographic.

Our team of artists design informative infographics that are both attractive and effective. We design promotional infographic which can help you build an interactive relationship with your clients.

infographics design

Some Of Our Projects


Animation is an important feature of any website. Why so? You might be wondering. After all to make a website effective, all you need are good content and colorful images right? Wrong. Some visitors may not be into reading. They may not even understand the meaning of the illustration you have uploaded in your website. To grab their attention, you can use animation. It is the singular reason why use of animation is flooding the websites. Animation looks good to our eyes. However, apart from the visual effect, animation unleashes our childlike imagination. It touches our soul and remains in our minds long after we have moved to another website.

We use latest technologies to create short videos that can be used to promote your business and your brand. Such animated videos help websites rank better in search engine. We have gained reputation of creating unique and out of the box animation videos for our clients.

Some Of Our Projects