Once our designers create the right design, the team of developers takes over the project. They transform the dream into reality with their touches. Building websites that are both functional and attractive is our main objective.

Responsive Web Development

Responsive design is an important addition to any website. Responsive will ensure that the appearance of your website changes based on the device that is accessing it. Apart from the contents all the other aspects of the website change to give viewers a pleasant experience. If you make the viewers zoom or pinch the size of the website, you will soon lose traffic.

We will help you build a website which anyone can access from any device and by doing so we will help you rank higher in the search engine.

Responsive Web Development

Some Of Our Projects


Content management system gives you the control over what you post. Using this service you can maintain the contents of your website as well. In this world of computer dominance, you will find many tools that will enable you to manage and maintain your website and its contents.
Content management system gives you the control over your webpage and other web contents. Content management system enables you to format text, create hyperlinks and upload images on websites. Moreover, CMS provides components that help the users to manage various content types including photos, news and events.

Every organization has got different need. The business process, the content and resources decide what type of software will be required to satisfy the organizational need. Therefore, your organization needs to look for a content management system which will full the requirement of your business. It is better to look for the right management system rather than opting for the best one. What you need to look for is a flexible system that fits all your organizational requirements, so, that you won’t have to spend more than what is required in future customization.

content management system

Some Of Our Projects

Custom Application Development

You are investing to get a website. Therefore, you have the right to ask for a specially designed website. We have a team of experienced young developers who can provide custom application development expertise. Along with this we also provide quality assessment and comprehensive service.

custom application development

Some Of Our Projects

E-Commerce Solutions

To turn a visitor into a customer, your website requires a logical approach. Proper utilization of home page can attract more customers than a visually stimulating one. Our team focuses on enhancing maximum salability of the e-commerce website. We understand that the purpose of an e-commerce website is to sale products, not entertain visitors.

ecommerce development

Some Of Our Projects


If you are on a tight budget, creating a website may seem like a daunting task. Yet, with a limited budget you can create attractive websites. However, for that you will require expert Wordpress developers.

Wordpress websites are cost effective as you get free plug in. An effectively built wordpress site can work as minor e-commerce website as well. What more? Such a site can be accessed from any device. You can trust our team of Wordpress developers to build a site which will promote your business and help you connect to the targeted clients.

Wordpress Development

Some Of Our Projects

Front End Development/ UI development

A good looking website is required if you want to attract more traffic. This is also essential to draw the attention of the potential clients. Our expert front end developers will ensure that your website is visually stimulating to the viewers. It is not only about looking good. Front end development also ensures that the viewers enjoy exploring your website and also they get to utilize it. Stylizing the website is another critical task that the front end developers do. Stylizing refers to checking the site across different browsers and writing accurate code.

The front end developers offer an array of useful technologies that are absolutely must for an effective website. Because more companies are utilizing front end development, you also need to utilize this, if you want to stay a couple of steps ahead of your competitors.

Front End Development

Some Of Our Projects

Mobile Application

Growing numbers of smart phone users show that mobile apps are high on demand these days. Xsolz offers expert mobile app development service that deals with Android, iPhone, iPad and windows development.

The team we have assembled is creative enough to understand your requirement. They also understand the need of your business. With latest tools and technology, our app development team can create customized mobile applications to meet the requirement of your enterprise. We offer iPhone app development, iPad app development and Android development service.

Mobile Application Development
Mobile Application Development

MobiDocx was created for professionals who needed to sign, mark, scan, edit and or merge documents while on the go. Digitally Mobimark, sign, initial, and add text or images to any documents and add, edit, merge, remove, rename, or rearrange pages within the document.

More over we have already built the app for the Mac environment so that users can also operate the facilities from the Mac desktops.

We are in the process of building the windows desktop version of the application.

Meanwile you can go through the website and can download the app from itunes. Links are given below.

Visit Website Download App

Weekbender is an interesting app in iOS envioronment which will show the holidays(national and weekends) country wise so the user can club the holidays with the weekends and plan to enjoy holdiays. Further more with, airfare and air connectivity and available of tickets cheap tickets holidays can be planned more earlier.

The app also has an unique feature. Say a family comprising ot husband wife and their children can upload their invidual holiday schedule in the app and the app will deliver the precise days in the year where the whole family can chalk out their travel plans.

We are working on weekbender for last couple of months and hope to lauch soon the first phase of the iOS appliation.

Mobile Application Development
Mobile Application Development

We have been provided an opportunity by Xalgo to build app for medical practioners, general users. It is an intuitive which uses artificial intelligence to bring out answers to question related to health,sickness and pharmecuetical products.

We are buidling this app for Android enviroment.

Klissed is a dating app more like Tinder but with greater variations and more attractions that will make you glued to the app.

We are in the process of buliding this app in iOS environement.